Steve Ferrone & Friends Live (2013) • Digital download

Recorded in Ribeauvillé, France

“Usually, to be asked to do a drum master class can be a bit of a chore. After all, what is the best way to teach how to be a pocket drummer? Playing a groove has to be felt, not taught.

When Franck Bedez asked me to come and do a drum clinic in Strasbourg, he asked his friends and family (his brother is a recording engineer) to come and play with me to make it fun. The extraordinary talents, and enthusiasm of these local musicians blew me away, and the resulting concert was just too good not to share with those unable to attend.

Considering we only had a couple of hours to run through the songs, fine tune, and arrange them, along with an impromptu surprise I threw in on the show of fronting the band singing, the resulting album is an outstanding tribute to the fun, and long lasting friendships that can be forged by music. And the quick reflexes of a recording engineer that has the foresight to red light the show in case something might happen that people might like to hear.

Maybe some of the the magic was induced by the spectacular cuisine at” The Auberge de l’Ill”, or the beauty of Strasbourg, I’ll leave you to be the judge of that. So settle down to listen to some really gifted French musicians enjoy themselves with this, (truly grateful that they came to play) drummer.”

Stephen Ferrone

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48kHz/24 bits
Steve Ferrone & Friends Live (2013) • Digital download9.90
01 Cut the cake0.99
02 Person to person0.99
03 I Won’t back down0.99
04 A Change is gonna come0.99
05 Pack it up0.99
06 Before you accuse me0.99
07 Georgy porgy0.99
08 Trick or treat0.99
09 Freedom jazz dance0.99
10 Kansas city blues0.99
11 Pick up the pieces0.99