Steve Ferrone & Friends Mo’Live (2021) • Digital download

Recorded in Ribeauvillé, France

« Once more I got to join my talented musician friends from Strasbourg ; and what a party we had. We visited some old favorite songs and recordings, and performed in concert at Stotzheim.

This time there’s an accompanying video so you can see we look as good as we sound.

Accomplished with one rehearsal with all musicians present, and a lot of homework individually, this album is testament to the work and love of making music with friends we all enjoy so much.

Dedicated to the memory of my friends and bandmates Tom Petty, and Malcom (Molly) Duncan (AWB), I am deeply grateful for the years I spent playing music with them, and experiencing their wisdom and love.

Stephen Ferrone

MASTER quality WAV files
48kHz/24 bits
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Steve Ferrone & Friends Mo’Live (2021) • Digital download14.99
01 I Got the same old blues1.29
02 Work to do1.29
03 Learning to fly1.29
04 Angel dream1.29
05 Joe1.29
06 Loose change1.29
07 Human nature1.29
08 I Wish1.29
09 Pick up the pieces1.29
10 Schoolboy crush1.29
11 Gimme some lovin1.29
12 Angel dream rehearsal take1.29